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Our Lexington, KY Chiropractor Explains Modalities

Our Lexington, KY chiropractor, Dr. Kevin Lynch, use a wide spectrum of therapies and services, including exercise rehabilitation techniques and spinal adjustments to offer the most comprehensive recovery from any injury. Many people are familiar with chiropractic adjustments, but at Lynch Chiropractic Center, we believe that patients can achieve greater results when their care also includes the addition of proper post-adjustment exercise training to chiropractic care.

If you bothered by pain from an old sports injury, automobile accident or some other personal injury or need to correct years of poor posture habits on your road to improved spinal health. Regardless of what has brought you here, exercise training can improve the overall function of your entire musculoskeletal system, delivering lasting pain relief without the use of pharmaceuticals or invasive procedures.

Chiropractic Care to Manage Back and Neck Pain

Spinal health is extremely critical to your overall well-being. When the spine and its supporting muscles and other soft tissues are working together properly, the human body is in harmony. Back pain, neck pain and other ailments are less likely to reoccur and you will be less susceptible to future injury.

Holistic approach to your injury recovery

If you are new to chiropractic care, you may not realize that it encompasses a broad range of therapies to assist patients in overcoming injuries and maintaining spinal health. Some of these therapies will be performed by the chiropractor, often referred to as attended therapies, while others will be exercises done independently by the patient on a “non-attended” basis.  

Modalities are a term used to describe one category of therapy, differentiated from therapeutic procedures, and tests and measurements. Modalities include any type of physical agent that is applied to bring about therapeutic changes to the body’s tissues. Some examples of these applications include the use of thermal, acoustic, light, mechanical, or electric energy. Some modalities are directly applied by the provider, while others are not, a characteristic that sets them apart from therapeutic procedures, which are a category of chiropractic care always performed by the provider. Therapeutic procedures differ from modalities because rather than the application of agents, they involve the provider using clinical skills and services to improve function.

Exercise Rehabilitation for Athletes and Sports Injuries

Exercise rehabilitation refers to the training Dr. Lynch and the team at Lynch Chiropractic Center provide alongside our traditional chiropractic care. When you have been injured from a car accident, sports injury or some other bodily trauma, the alignment of your vertebrae can suffer. Your muscles and surrounding soft tissues are affected as well. Injuries can cause these areas to be strained and develop scar tissue because of unbalanced use due to pain. Rehabilitation and recovery from any injury should include healing of these muscles through a comprehensive chiropractic care that include exercise therapy. This will allow your muscles and surrounding tissues to become strong and healthy again, and in turn, fulfill their role in supporting healthy spinal alignment that is critical to avoidance of further back and neck pain.  

Coaching you to Full Recovery 

Receiving therapeutic exercise training personally from Dr. Lynch is a critical component of your journey to full rehabilitation from injury. Because he is already using other types of chiropractic care, Dr. Lynch understands your condition and can coach you on the proper form for each exercise and stretch.  

Knowing how to perform each exercise properly will ensure you do not strain or experience a reoccurrence of your injury. Proper form also ensures you get the most benefits out of each exercise, which can accelerate your recovery and reduce your pain long term. Once you know the proper form, as well as the purpose of each exercise, you can do them safely on your own every day.

Over the course of your recovery, Dr. Lynch will review the progress you’re making with your therapeutic exercise plan. We can adapt exercises to improve the strength and flexibility of each muscle group as needed and evaluate the improvement in your range of motion. Regardless of how you were injured most recently, exercise therapy can also help you strengthen other previously weak areas, particularly the core muscles and back muscles, making you less vulnerable to future strains. 

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