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Lynch Chiropractic Center Wellness Care Services: Our Philosophy and Mission

As a Lexington chiropractor, Lynch Chiropractic Center implements a holistic approach to healing and recognize the centrality of the nervous system and its close relationship with human body function.

We seek to address disease and injury not through drugs and surgery but through adjusting the musculoskeletal area when functioning improperly. We take this approach when treating car accident injuries, sports injuries, workplace accidents and medical spinal conditions, such as degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis. Chiropractic care is a natural, patient-centric, hands-on approach on influencing function through structure. For over 30 years, we’ve been helping patients eliminate pain and improve daily function. Our goal is help our patients enjoy life without pain.

Lexington​ Chiropractor Dr. Lynch

Lexington chiropractor Dr. Lynch offers a multi-faceted treatment plan targeted to meet the unique needs of each patient. He provides treatment for sports injuries, car accident injuries and other causes of your pain. Treatment plans may include spinal adjustments, rehabilitation, nutritional counseling, exercise rehabilitation, drug-free pain management and lifestyle advice. Each therapeutic treatment modality is designed to work synergistically to reduce pain, enhance function, improve mobility, accelerate healing and maintain good health.

Through gentle spinal manipulations, Dr. Lynch properly realigns the spinal components into proper position. It’s effective for muscle strains, herniated discs, cervical sprains, headaches, shoulder pain and much more. Modalities entail corrective exercises to build muscle strength, improve flexibility and to prevent further injury. The corrective exercises implemented are specific to your condition. Physical therapy may also include passive treatments, such as laser therapy and ultrasound therapy. Laser therapy utilizes light energy to penetrate deep to injured tissues to reduce pain and accelerate the body’s natural healing process. Ultrasound utilizes high-frequency sound waves and works similar to laser therapy. Both of these treatments are highly effective for soft tissue injuries. With nutritional counseling, our patients can discover all the right vitamins, minerals, natural supplements and healthy food choices to support both healing and good health.

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If you’re suffering in pain due a sports injury, car accident or medical spine condition, turn to Lynch Chiropractic Center for an effective pain management treatment plan. Dr. Lynch will do a comprehensive exam, including physical and neurological tests, to identify the root cause of your pain. And if you’ve new to chiropractic care, feel free to call us at (859) 266-1999 to learn more about how we can help you.

Make An Appointment With Our Team To Get Tips & See How Chiropractic Care Can Improve Your Life. $50 First Visit Fee. Includes Exam, Consultation, and X-Rays.

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DISCLAIMER: This offer is not valid for Medicare, Medicaid, Current Auto or Work. Comp. Injuries. You have the right to rescind within 72 hours any obligation to pay for services performed in addition to this discounted service. Medicare and Medicaid regulations apply.


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