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Dr. Kevin Lynch

Dr. Lynch and his staff are outstanding. From the first moment I called the office throughout every encounter since; I have always been greeted with nothing but smiles and kind words. I honestly enjoy every visit.

My relationship with Dr. Lynch began with an emergency call. Starting with a simple sneeze and ending with a panicked call because I could not get off of my office floor, I feared I would not be able to get off my floor without calling for an ambulance. A colleague of mine suggested I call Dr. Lynch first.

Dr. Lynch didn’t know me from anyone but took the time from his busy patient schedule to spend 20 minutes on the phone talking me through small movements that I could tolerate and eventually helped me to be able to get off the floor.

He then worked me into the schedule to for an immediate visit. I continue my visits and rehabilitation plan that Dr. Lynch laid out for me. I am happy to say that I have become back pain free and returned to my normal lifestyle. I attribute my rehabilitation to the care of Dr. Lynch and his staff.

Since becoming a patient in January of 2010, I have already referred five friends and colleagues to Dr. Lynch. Many of them had found themselves in similar situations with severe, fast onset of lower back pain. I am happy to say that all of my referrals have reported back with the same experience of quality care and great service.

Thank you


Director, Technology Consulting

Dean Dorton Ford, PSC

January 24, 2012

Hello, my name is Diane and I live here in Lexington. In May 2001 I was in a very bad car accident. I was bruised and sore over my entire body and also had broken my right foot in 3 places trying to stop the car and not hit the other vehicle. You could see the outline of the seatbelt across my body. The palms of my hands were bruised from gripping the steering wheel so tightly. Six months after the accident my left shoulder started hurting. I mean it was a dull, horrible pain 24/7 – no pain pills helped. I went through physical and occupational therapy, but received no relief. The doctor decided to do surgery and found a bone spur in the rotator cuff. He ‘shaved’ it down, but it didn’t help the pain. I had several cortisone injections in my left shoulder, neck and down to my shoulder blade. I have had over 300 injections in this area over about a 4-year period. But, they didn’t help either.

Anyway, one morning about 4 yrs ago now I woke up and I was in such pain in my lower back radiating down my left leg. It was so intense I almost passed out from the pain. When it first started, I was still going to the pain management clinic for the trigger point injections and mentioned to the doctor. He immediately made an appointment for me to go ‘across the hall’ to the operating room suite. I went 2 days later and was given a lower spinal epidural. I was given 3 of them 2 weeks apart. I was pain free by the third one! I was so happy! I was pain free for about 3 years. Then I could tell the pain was coming back and immediately made an appointment with the pain management clinic once again. So, I went through the sets of epidurals 2 weeks apart. Well, this time they didn’t help me at all. I was so disappointed; I didn’t know what to do. Well the doctor suggested a new surgical procedure called the ‘MILD’ procedure (Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression). So, I had this done, only to wake up the next morning still in pain. I was given 3 more epidurals – no luck – still in horrible pain. The pain was so intense my whole body would shake uncontrollably some mornings. This would last for and hour to hour and a half every morning. After that time I would be fine for the rest of the day. I dreaded going to bed at night.

After that the pain management doctor told me there was nothing else he could do for me, that he didn’t think the pain was coming from my back and he handed me a prescription sheet with Dr. Lynch’s phone number on it. I called Dr. Lynch’s office and they got me in right away. He took x-rays and then went over everything with me, including the fact that I had a ‘birth defect’ in my lower spine/pelvic area. Now, I was shocked as I am 65 years old and NO doctor had ever told me that. But I heard those encouraging words from Dr. Lynch, “I do think I can help you.”. So, he started treating me right away. I guess I started out 3x a week, and week after week the pain became a little less intense. I guess I have been coming to Dr. Lynch for about 2 years. He treated my neck and my hips.

I am now pain free since December 17, 2011!! I thank God everyday for Dr. Lynch and how he has saved my life from being in pain.


Dr. Lynch began treating my husband, Bill and I in May of 2006. Bill was in the last months of his life and I had numbness under my left shoulder blade and was just totally stressed out. For Bill, the prognosis was to help achieve some quality of life as he continued with chemotherapy for Colon Cancer. My hope was to alleviate the numbness under my shoulder blade. Both goals were achieved after about 12 weeks. In fact, Bill had a 6 week window of feeling well and was able to go on several hikes in the North Carolina Mountains. Bill continued to see Dr. Lynch until his death in November. I continued with my regular appointments until I lost the health insurance that I had under my husband’s policy. My monthly health insurance payment was then $451 a month with no copay for any serivce . So I had to stop my chiropractic therapy.

I was 62 at the time of my husband’s death. November 2009 was a good time for me because I began being covered by Medicare/Humana. I do not have coverage for Chiropractic therapy, but I also do not have to pay $451 a month for health care and now I am able to receive the benefits of seeing a chiropractor…Dr. Lynch. I began therapy again in January 2010. I had no injury, but my goal was WELL BEING….that goal was literally met after my first treatment. I was amazed the next morning when I actually awoke refreshed and not generally aching all over my body. That day (and each day since), I have not experienced the sluggishness, tiredness and loss of energy that was my nemesis daily in the previous 3 years. Even though, I had been attending yoga classes and swimming at Falling Springs (Woodford County Recreation Center), my body just generally ached all of the time.

I am so grateful to Dr. Lynch for working out a plan that enables me to afford and receive the benefits of Chiropractic Medicine.


Feb. 21, 2010







July 30, 2009

Dr. Lynch,

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GIVING ME BACK MY LIFE!! Now I can do simple things that a lot of people take for granted, for example – going shopping, working in my yard and turning over in bed without having back pain. I have lived so lin gwith back pain it’s unreal how good I feel. I will tell everyone I knwo with back pain about you. I also want to thank my daughter for asking me to see you.

Again, than you so much.

Jeanette, RN



Dear Kevin,

Certainly, I would be remiss if I didn’t take some time to express my sincerest thanks for the assistance of you and your excellent staff for the progress I am making with the problem that had developed in my neck. As you are aware, just a little less than a month ago, I came to you with what turned out to be a severe pinched nerve orginating between two vertebrae in my neck. The pain had manifested itself about a month prior to my first visit and was steadily getting worse on a daily basis. My right arm was constantly tingling and on occasion going completely numb. Additionaly, at age 62, I just felt bad in general. I was finding it hard to climb stairs without getting winded, I was having and increasingly hard time getting a good night’s sleep, and just carried around with me a general feeling of malaise.

After your initial examination, and our first conference in which you explained my malady in detail, as well as what it would take in terms of treatment from you and what I could do to help myself, I opted to continue treatment. This turned out to be the best medical decision I’ve ever made for myself!Your skillful manipulation of my entire spine, and the accompanying therapy, along with your excellent and obviously studied suggestions of things I may do to improve my posture as I work and live, have me now feeling much younger at a time in my life when a lot of people just accept what comes physically with getting a ‘little older’. I can now climb the 19 steps in my house without any problems, I’m sleeping much better, I am no longer experiencing the sinus and stomach problems that had previsouly plagued me, the neck pain and numbness in my right arm no longer exist and in general, I feel better than I’ve felt in 20+ years.

Had I opted to seek treatement through regular medical channels, I’m certain I would continue to be frustrated with my health after sitting and waiting for the doctor hours without end (I’ve never waited more than 5 minutes for you), the battery of expensive tests that always accompany general medicine and the lack of personal attention and ‘bedside manner’ that I find when seeking coneventional medical treatment.

As I explained to you, both of my parents were literally ‘soldiers’ for Chiropractic Medicine and never missed their weekly adjustment. They both became very offended when general medical practitioners, specialists and the AMA as a whole scoffed at their willingness to seek Chiropractic treatment. While I had never sought Chiropractic treatment in my entire life prior to my first visit with you, I too am now following my parents lead and will be a ‘soldier’. People who whine about their pain are one of my pet peeves and I now can tell others with a large degree of confidence that they should go see Dr. Lynch.

Please also commend your excellent staff for their consummate professionalism!! They have all helped to make my experience in your good offices an extremely pleasant experience that I look forward to.

Just please know how much I sincerely appreciate the excellent care I an recieving at Lynch Chiropractic!!




July 24, 2009

Dear Dr. Lynch,

I moved to Lexington in 1999 and started looking for a chiropractor as I had been seeing one since 1992 for lower back problems. I had medicocre success with two chiropractors here in Lexington that I found in the Yellow Pages. Frustrated, I faxed the entire Yellow Page listing of Lexington chiropractors to my previous chiropractor in Pittsburgh. Within a few days, he called me back and selected only 2 doctors, one of which was you. After my first adjustment, I knew that you were going to be my new chiropractor. You adjusted my back with a skill and facility that I never experienced with any other chiropractor.  I am convinced that you understand the intricacies and subtleties of the human spine and body not only through rigorous scientific study but also through a natural kinesthetic intuition as well as other non-tangible indicators. Being a clinical psycholgist myself, I know that the healing arts are indeed art as much as they are science. You are truly a scientist as well as an artist.

The treatment that I received from you has been outstanding. You always listened carefully to the description of my symptoms and then evaluated  and treated me accordingly. Although I am not one of those patients that responds immediately to adjustments, I have always observed significant improvements in my conditions following my treatments. So many times I would respond so well that I would forget to schedule my regular monthly appointments. More importanly however, when I incurred injuries or when things got rough, you never gave up on me and you never got frustrated. You always gave me hope and a plan for an optimistic future.

You also always went above and beyond what any other doctor has ever done with regard to taking the extra time to talk with me about my condition, answer all of my questions, and actually listen to all of my concerns and worries. You clearly genuinely care about your patients and obviously give them all the extra time and attention that they need. Undoubtedly, such a practice must come at a significant monetary expense to you due to seeing fewer patients each day; but the fruits of that labor have absolutely not gone unnoticed and are appreciated beyond what you, and your staff, can ever imagine.

Speaking of your staff, I have been around many health care organizations during my career. I can honestly say that I have never come across a combination of a more professional, highly skilled, and compassionate group of people. I have always been greeted with a friendly face upon entering your office (or a friendly voice when calling on the phone). I have also been given every accomidation for ‘pop-in’ appointments when needed. Your staff are exactly the type of people that I would want working for me in my laboratory at UK!

As long as I remain in Lexington, I will be a life-long patient that will continue to extol the virtues of chiropractic care, and  your office in particular. Thank you for all that you, and  your staff, have done for me.


Peter, PH.D.

Professor of Psychology and Director,

University of Kentucky Alcohol Research Laboratory

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