Common Auto Accident Injury

An auto injury can result in severe pain and reduce your range of motion. While some injuries can heal on their own, other can also become chronic and lead to further complications. At Lynch Chiropractic Center in Lexington, KY, we offer various treatments to reduce your pain and help you recover quickly. Before you visit us, learn about some common auto accident injuries below:


What Are Some Common Auto Accident Injuries?

There are various injuries that can occur due to an auto accident. Whiplash is among the most common injuries people sustain following car accidents. It occurs when your head and neck are moved back and forth forcefully during a collision. These motions can cause significant damage to your head and neck. You may also have symptoms like headaches, joint pain, stiffness, and blurry vision.

You may also experience soft tissue injuries. The soft tissues in your shoulders, legs, and back may all sustain significant damage after the accident. A herniated disc is another common auto injury, which can happen if the impact of the collision affects your back. In addition to significant pain, a herniated disc may also cause numbness and muscle weakness.

Treatment for Auto Accident Injuries

At our practice, we utilize multiple treatments to help you heal after an auto accident. For whiplash, our chiropractor can use spinal adjustments to correct misalignments within your musculoskeletal system. After the misalignments are corrected, you should notice a reduction in your symptoms.

Chiropractic adjustments are also effective for soft tissue injuries. Not only that, but muscle stimulation can also be used for these injuries and speed up the recovery process. In addition, if you have a herniated disc, we can provide chiropractic adjustments to relieve any pressure the disc is putting on the surrounding structures.

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