Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Treatment from Our Chiropractor in Lexington

Nothing is worse than having to struggle with the effects of lower back pain. Lower back pain can be so intense that it is actually one of the leading causes of permanent disability in the United States. Indeed, this is one condition that can hinder your ability to do simple tasks, including walking, running, standing, sitting, or a plethora of other activities.


Unfortunately, not many people know where to turn for help or relief for your lower back pain. At Lynch Chiropractic Center, we can help you find relief from your lower back pain and provide you with treatment options so you can get the chiropractic care you need to live your life free of pain. If you live in Lexington, KY, and want to know more about how we can help you find relief from lower back pain, read on below!

What Causes Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain has a variety of causes, some of which can be difficult to determine without the help of a chiropractor. Some of the most common causes of back pain include:

  • Spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal column that compresses nerves and tissues inside the column.
  • Herniated discs, which are discs in between the vertebrae that have ruptured.
  • Bulging discs, a disc disorder where the disc in between the vertebrae slips out of place.
  • Pulled muscles due to poor lifting techniques or wear and tear injuries.
  • Prior injuries, such as a sports injury, whiplash, or a personal injury like a slip and fall.
  • Sciatica, a condition where the sciatic nerve is compressed and causes shooting pain down the lower back and legs.

How Our Chiropractor Provides Treatment for Lower Back Pain

Our chiropractor will first determine the root cause of your pain by conducting a physical exam and imaging tests like X-rays. If your pain is caused by sciatica or poor spinal health, we can conduct treatment such as chiropractic adjustments to improve your balance and overall health.

Chiropractic adjustments help realign the spine gently, so you can feel relief from surrounding compressed nerves and tissues.

Spinal decompression can also help to alleviate pain from disc disorders. Finally, muscle massages and trigger point therapy or electrical stimulation can be used to target specific injured areas of the lower back. 

Find Relief Today at Lynch Chiropractic Center

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