Stress Relief

Lexington, Kentucky Stress Relief

Chiropractic treatment is well-known for its ability to relieve pain caused by musculoskeletal subluxations, injuries and alignment problems. However, the services we provide here at Lynch Chiropractic Center are also helpful for providing immediate and lasting stress relief. Our wellness techniques target the body in ways that are known to reduce tension and improve relaxation.

The source of stress varies in every patient. For some patients, stress is emotionally or mentally charged, while for others, it is chemically, hormonally or physically charged. Symptoms of stress often surface as muscle tension, pain and recurring headaches and migraines. Regardless of the symptoms or the cause of your stress, our chiropractor is trained and experienced in providing stress relief through a number of natural techniques.

Chiropractic adjustments are helpful for alleviating stress. When our chiropractor adjusts the spine, it becomes more properly aligned, reducing pressure on the complex nervous system that runs through the spine. Because some types of stress are related to the nervous system, better spinal alignment results in increased stress management for the patient.

Lexington Deep Tissue Massage, Exercise, & Detox to Relieve Stress

Here at Lynch Chiropractic Center, we utilize several natural stress management techniques to achieve optimal results for our patients. Deep tissue massage, for example, is one of our most popular services for alleviating stress. When you are stressed, your body may store tension and toxins within the muscles, causing them to feel tight and uncomfortable. Deep tissue massage releases that tension through forceful strokes that target the connective tissues beneath the muscles.

We also use exercise rehabilitation to improve stress management for our patients. The benefits of exercise for managing stress are undeniable. Following exercise, the body has increased circulation, an enhanced mood and higher levels of endorphins -- all which are capable of helping you reduce your stress levels. Not only does exercise rehabilitation improve your mood and stress levels, but it has positive physical effects on your health and wellness too.

Detox is another way we help our patients overcome stress. Detoxification removes toxins from the body -- including those related to stress. Detox is beneficial for patients who want to help the body self-heal in a healthy, natural way. Patients who complete our detox program may experience lower stress levels, better physical health, and a reduction in certain chronic symptoms, such as headaches and migraines.

Learning to manage stress on a day to day basis is important to preventing illness and disease that can develop as a result of stress. Some wellness tips for reducing stress and handling stressful situations in everyday life include exploring various natural activities that could prove relaxing and therapeutic. Examples include meditation, yoga and exercise. These types of relaxing activities are helpful for regulating stress between chiropractic visits, but we recommend visiting our office for professional stress management to develop long term results.

To find the right stress management plan that works for you, contact our office today to schedule an appointment.