Electro-Muscular Stimulation

Chiropractic Care Services in Lexington

There are many reasons why chiropractic services have become so popular, throughout the Lexington community and all around the world.  Lynch Chiropractic Center has enjoyed more than 30 years clinical experience servicing the Lexington area.  Our chiropractor Dr. Kevin Lynch, and his team of skilled health professionals know you deserve a high-quality and pain-free life.  We are focused on helping our patients achieve an optimal state of health and wellness.  With safe and effective chiropractic adjustments we can relieve muscular strain and help your body work in the best ways for optimal functioning.  Our effective treatment sessions are part of the most advanced developments in the field and we’re committed to helping the incredible people of the Lexington KY area.  The knowledgeable, caring and professional staff at Lynch Chiropractic Center is here to help relieve your discomfort and make sure you can lead your healthy, active lifestyle. 


Muscle Strength and The Best of Care Treatments

Electro-Muscular stimulation, otherwise known as E-Stim therapy, can be used to help build muscular strength, while relieving any tension or pressure.  This type of successful chiropractic technique is also known as a better way to help with relaxation and the ability to heal any restrictions of motions, while restoring muscle flexibility.  Relief is simpler with the right chiropractor care and treatments customized to meet your needs.  Relieving inflammation and increasing overall mobility is part of our chiropractic care as we treat patients back to the best of health and wellness.  E-Stim is an effective technique chosen by elite and professional athletes to improve muscle strength.  Don’t let your muscle pain or discomfort stop you from enjoying your favorite activities and sports.  Our services are able to help patients get that relief and strength they hope for with an experienced health provider.  Electro-muscular stimulation is able to be a good reason to get the best of health care.

Lynch Chiropractic Center

Our experienced staff at Lynch Chiropractic Center is proud of our long history of success here in Lexington.  We are also experienced providing the highest quality of care for relief of discomfort.  Being able to get through everyday tasks in a comfortable way is important and our trained staff is ready to help you with the best of health and wellness.  Our customized techniques, therapy solutions, and nutritional counseling are based off of several decades of experience providing the best chiropractic care.  The chiropractor treatments have been effective for pain relief with customized care to help people enjoy their sports and outdoor recreation.  You can easily request an appointment with our Lexington KY Chiropractor online or call our office for the scheduling.