Muscle Stimulations

Guide to Electric Muscle Stimulation with Our Chiropractor

Issues within the musculoskeletal system can halt your life and your favorite activities. However, electric muscle stimulation can help provide natural recovery and return to life more quickly. Learn more about how in this quick guide from our Lexington, KY, team at Lynch Chiropractic Center.


What Is Electric Muscle Stimulation?

Injuries in the musculoskeletal system can wreak havoc in many ways. In addition to pain and inflammation, they can negatively impact the function of the nervous system, impede the body’s natural healing process, and cause swelling. A muscular issue can either be caused by or cause a problem in the skeletal system, increasing pain, suffering, and muscle spasms.

Electric muscle stimulation uses a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) muscle unit with pads called electrodes. These pads are placed on the treatment area to deliver short electric pulses to the target area. This stimulation causes the muscles to first contract, then relax.

What Are the Benefits of Electric Muscle Stimulation?

There are several benefits that a TENS muscle unit provides. One of the biggest is muscle relief. When your muscles are tense, inflamed, or have spasms, it can create suffering. It can be challenging to walk, sit, or even sleep, as the spasms tend to occur at any time. As the muscles contract and relax during treatment, it calms them, promotes the body’s natural healing process, and provides safe, natural muscle relief.

Electric muscle stimulation has also been proven to block pain signals from traveling to your brain and promote the release of endorphins. Endorphins are incredible natural transmitters that act as natural painkillers.

While this therapy is powerful, it’s typically combined with other chiropractic treatments to provide optimal results. By addressing both the hard and soft tissues of the body, the body recovers faster and more thoroughly.

Is Electric Muscle Stimulation Painful?

Though electric pulses sound scary, the therapy is neither dangerous nor painful. It simply causes muscle contractions, and most patients find treatment sessions relaxing. After your session, you might have slight redness where the electrodes are placed or temporary numbness at the treatment site.

Experience the Benefits of Electric Muscle Stimulation with Our Chiropractor

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