Personal Injury

Chiropractic Care for a Personal Injury

Lynch Chiropractic Center in Lexington, KY, is here for you when you have suffered a personal injury. Dr. Lynch has years of experience treating patients who have suffered a variety of injuries from a personal injury incident. These conditions may include neck pain, knee pain, and even muscular injuries. The treatments Dr. Lynch offers include spinal adjustment, massage therapy and more.


Keep reading to learn about the personal injury treatment we offer and the conditions we treat.  

Treatments for Personal Injuries

Here are a few treatments for personal injuries:

Spinal Adjustment

Personal injury incidents like car accidents and slip and falls often result in a misaligned spine. This can lead to numerous conditions. Thankfully, Dr. Lynch can help using a spinal adjustment. He can help correct a misaligned spine quickly and safely using spinal adjustment.

Massage Therapy

Dr. Lynch can help treat patients with the use of massage therapy. This treatment method may be used to help with soft tissue injuries. This is because it can not only help relieve pain, but it may also help increase blood flow to soft tissues.

Personal Injuries We Treat

Here are a few types of personal injuries that we can help treat:

Neck Pain

Neck pain can be caused by a personal injury incident. For example, we might see patients with whiplash from car accidents. Dr. Lynch can help come up with an effective treatment plan for neck pain.

Knee Pain

We can help  treat knee conditions in our practice. Patients with knee pain may be treated with massage therapy, depending on the source of the problem. This is because massage may be able to help the tendons and ligaments within the knee.

Muscular Injuries

Dr. Lynch has experience treating a variety of muscular injuries. He can use massage therapy for these injuries. Therapeutic massages can help relieve pain and may help speed up the healing time of a muscular injury. 

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