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Pinched Nerve Treatment at Lynch Chiropractic Center

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Lynch Chiropractic Center is your trusted Lexington chiropractor for back pain of all types. When you come in to see Dr. Kevin Lynch or any member of his team, you will receive outstanding, one-on-one care. We take the time to provide full diagnostic care to determine what is causing your pain. Then, we create a customized, non-invasive treatment plan to address it. You can expect us to help you with any type of back pain including pinched nerves.

What Are Pinched Nerves and What Causes It?

Pinched nerve pain is not uncommon, but it is an instance requiring care. When too much pressure is applied to any nerve or the area surrounding it, this causes a pinched nerve. The pinching can come from muscles, tendons, bones, or cartilage. When it occurs, it causes the nerve to send a message back to the brain indicating pain. However, pinched nerves can become chronic, causing ongoing physical limitation and debilitating pain if not treated properly.

It is very common for pinched nerves to occur in the back, or more accurately the spinal column. Herniated discs in the spine can cause pinched nerve pain to occur.

What Are the Symptoms of Pinched Nerves?

Pinched nerves can range from very painful conditions to mild pain but limited use of the area. Most commonly, you'll experience symptoms such as:

A sharp or burning pain that seems to radiate outward

Aching, chronic pain

Numbness in the area or less sensation to the area that the nerve is in

A feeling of pins and needles or that your limb has fallen asleep

Muscle weakness

Herniated discs, the most common cause of pinched nerves in the back, most commonly cause shooting pain that stops you from moving properly. However, the pain can radiate down into the legs or the arms.

How Can Your Chiropractor Help You with Pinched Nerve Pain?

After providing a full diagnosis of your condition, your chiropractor will provide you with a customized treatment plan. We offer holistic, noninvasive treatment options. Common treatments that we may recommend include:

Chiropractic care through spinal adjustments that work to reduce the amount of pressure and pinching of the nerves.

Corrective exercises that help to teach you how to walk, stand, and move to reduce improper movements causing the pinching of the nerve.

Postural screenings help us to ensure you do not have a further misalignment of the spinal column that could be worsening the pain you feel.

Lifestyle advice is often given because it can help you to rid yourself of poor habits that may be contributing to the problem.

Nutritional counseling offers two benefits including providing your body with the enhanced nutrition it needs to heal and, secondly, helping you to maintain a healthy weight to reduce the pressure on your spine.

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