Spinal Stenosis

Spinal Stenosis Treatment from Your Back Pain Chiropractor in Lexington, KY

When they first arrive at our Lynch Chiropractic Center, many individuals suffering from spinal stenosis are extremely focused on the pain or other discomfort associated with the disorder.  After determining the source of their symptoms, our back pain chiropractor in Lexington, KY can offer natural and effective treatment options that avoid medication and surgery.

spinal stenosis

Overview of Spinal Stenosis Treatment

The goal of our Lexington chiropractic practice is relieving any spinal stenosis pain and helping our patients regain strength and flexibility.  This condition most often develops in people 50 and older and can occur anywhere between the neck and the lower back.  In rare instances, the disorder is congenital.

The most common reason why spinal stenosis develops is osteoarthritis, which causes the formation of bone spurs.  These spurs result in a narrowing of the passageway for the spine and exert enough pressure on the spinal cord to compress it. 

Other common causes include herniated discs, cysts, tumors, spinal misalignment from facet joint or disc issues, and Paget’s disease.  Healthcare providers also link this disorder to poor posture, sometimes due to time bent over a computer or other electronic device.  Previous surgery on the spine, sports injuries, other back injuries, and a thickening of ligaments that support vertebrae could be responsible.

Although symptoms vary, the most frequent are back pain, stiffness, and numbness.  Some sufferers develop sciatica, paralysis, or a foot drop.  Trouble walking, difficulty standing, or losing bladder and bowel control affects some patients.  Lower back pain is a frequent complaint.

Spinal Stenosis Treatment Options

Chiropractic treatment for spinal stenosis has three objectives:  lowering pressure on nerves in the spine, restoring motion, and reducing pain or other discomforts.  Our chiropractor looks for the underlying causes of any disruption in spinal functioning.

Diagnosis of spinal stenosis requires a thorough evaluation by our doctor of chiropractic.  This includes reviewing a patient’s health history and symptoms and completing a comprehensive physical examination.  Diagnostic tests such as X-rays and CT and MRI scans are often helpful.

Our chiropractic practice offers a number of options to treat spinal stenosis.  The core therapy is a spinal adjustment, or manipulation, which corrects issues with vertebral misalignment and disc displacement.  Adjustments reduce stress on back muscles, bones, discs, ligaments, and facet joints.

Exercises prescribed by our chiropractor increase flexibility and make muscles stronger for better support of the spine.  Massage therapy heals soft tissue.  We also offer our patients nutritional therapy and lifestyle advice such as ergonomic options in the workplace or the home.

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Don’t let discomfort associated with spinal stenosis interfere with the lifestyle you love.  Call our Lynch Chiropractic Center today at (859) 266-1999 to schedule an appointment with our back pain chiropractor in Lexington.  Dr. Kevin Lynch has served the Lexington community for more than three decades.  His expertise in finding the cause of each patient’s problem speeds healing and returning pain-free to normal activities.