Natural Headache Relief at Lynch Chiropractic Center

A headache may not seem like an enormous problem in and of itself -- but severe, extended or recurring headaches and migraines can ruin your productivity, efficiency, comfort and overall quality of life. No matter how many pain relievers you take, these headaches will keep plaguing you until you treat their underlying cause. That's why you're better off seeking the natural headache relief options provided by your friends at Lynch Chiropractic Center. 


Common Headache Triggers

Most of the headaches experienced by the general population are cervicogenic headaches, better known as tension headaches. These headaches get their name from the fact that they stem from muscle tension in the neck. This tension may be due to intense emotional stress, or it may be related to an improper alignment of the upper cervical vertebrae. If, for example, your head sits less than perfectly straight on your top two vertebrae, the resulting imbalance may cause some of your neck muscles to experience acute or chronic strain, causing them to go into spasm. Unfortunately, some of these neck muscles are connected to some very sensitive tissues -- such as the RCPM muscle, which can tug painfully on a cranial membrane called the dura mater. This chain of dysfunction refers diffuse pain to various parts of the head.

Common Migraine Triggers

But not all headaches are tension headaches. The most infamous exception, migraines, can cause disabling head pain and other symptoms for up to three days at a time. Migraine sufferers may experience pulsing/throbbing pain in the head, strange visual auras or other vision issues, tinnitus, nausea, vomiting and even fainting spells. Scientists believe that abnormal serotonin levels and trigeminal nerve malfunctions cause cranial blood vessels to swell up. Migraine headaches can have numerous triggers from:

  • weather changes
  • hormonal changes
  • specific ingredients in your diet
  • stress (including both emotional stress and physical tension in the neck)

Our Chiropractor in Lexington Can Soothe Your Aching Head

If you are tired of gulping down pain relievers that do nothing to keep future headaches at bay, then you need the all-natural, drug-free headache relief offered by our chiropractor in Lexington. A detailed examination of your cervical spine may reveal a misalignment that is throwing your head off-balance and stressing your neck. Correcting this imbalance through chiropractic adjustments can resolve this major tension headache trigger. Chiropractic adjustments can even reduce the frequency of migraine attacks and intensity of migraine symptoms. If chronic stress is keeping your neck muscles in spasm, we offer stress relief techniques such as deep tissue massage, detox, and exercises to help those muscles relax. 

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